Interview Question: What are your Strength and Weaknesses?

Interview Question: What are your Strength and Weaknesses? This is another very popular interview question which is asked in all kinds of interview and today we are going to tell you how one should answer such question.

Purpose of such question: The purpose of asking this question by the interview board is to check how can you handle a direct question about your traits and how confident you are to speak about your strengths as well as weaknesses.

How to answer such question? It is always good to prepare well in advance therefore you should prepare and practice a well structured answer well in advance so that you can handle this question easily at the time of interview. The purpose of providing most common questions and methods of answering them is that you can prepare well in advance about these questions. Questions given in our Interview Preparation Series are frequently asked in various interviews.

How to prepare the answer? You should prepare an answer for this question for every interview before you go. The answer will depend on individual traits as every person is having different strengths as well as weaknesses. First of all you should think deeply about the strength and weaknesses you possess and should note down. Take care to avoid traits which are highly personal in nature. Please remember that the purpose of the questions is to check your qualities which are likely to affect your professional environment so do not discuss strength and weaknesses which are highly personal in nature.

Justify your answer if required: While replying such question the board may also ask a counter question about examples of yours strengths and weaknesses. So if required you should justify your strengths and weaknesses with suitable example.

Prepare a list: Create an honest detailed list of what you think are your strengths or weaknesses and then select a few of them you can remember. Practice your responses so that they sound natural and you are prepared for the question. Do not reply with statements such as I am a perfectionist or I have no weaknesses. Do not try to show that you are absolutely perfect as weaknesses are also natural and every human being posses a few.

Example of a few strengths: good communication skills, enjoy working with teams, punctuality, strong will power, determination, confidence, commitment towards work, caring for seniors and elders, believe in oneself, highly energetic, well organized etc.

Example of a few weaknesses: Try to tell weaknesses which are quite common and the weaknesses which are actually good for your professional life, for example:

  • I am over friendly.
  • I give too much priority to my work.
  • I lose patience sometimes when I am not in a position to complete the assigned job in time.
  • I am too focused on my work and I need to find more time to relax.
  • I am too focused on work and need to develop some after-hours hobbies.

Therefore try to think of a weakness that can actually be seen in some sort of positive light.

Be honest in your answers: Whatever you do during the interview do not try to fool the board as they are experienced people. So try to prepare a very positive answer based on your traits only.

Hope you will find this Interview Preparation Series very useful. Now you can answer the question, what are your Strength and Weaknesses, in our comments section and our experts will review it.

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