How to Learn Speaking English

How to Learn Speaking English: Importance of good command over Speaking English cannot be ruled out. Now-a-days it has become very important for all the students who are looking for a good career and for professionals who are looking for a faster career growth that they should be well versed in written as well as spoken English. In this post we are going to give you some important tips which can help you to improve your English Speaking. The tips given below are very practical, simple and effective. If you can follow these tips, we feel that you can have very good command over Spoken English and can become a very effective speaker in 3-4 months.

Regular reading of Newspapers: You should make it a habit to regularly read a good quality English Newspaper. Regular reading of a good English Newspaper will surely help a lot in many ways. Newspapers are an effective medium simply because it can help you a lot to provide a good understanding of the English language. You can learn a lot of new words from the newspapers which you should note down and should try to use in day to day conversation. This will help you a lot to learn speaking English.

Regular viewing of English News Channels and movies: English News channels such as “Times Now” and “CNN” are also very useful. You should make it a habit to regularly watch good News Channels as well as good English Movies and English Programmes. Such habits will help you to not only understand English well but at the same time you will also understand how to speak effectively.

Speaking in front of a Mirror: Speaking in front of a mirror is a very effective technique. It is very simple and anybody can easily do it. Speaking in front of mirror with direct eye contact will help you to boost your confidence and you can feel the change within a few days. You should regularly practice speaking English in front of a mirror till you attain a good level. There can be two methods of speaking before the mirror, first, you can take any topic from a book or newspaper and speak loudly. Try to speak as clear as you can, this will help you to speak comfortably and clearly in the longer runs. This will also improve your pronunciation skills. Second, you should not take any help from anywhere and try to speak on your own for about 10-15 minutes on whatever topic you like. Practice it and see drastic improvement in your Speaking English.

Good use of fillers: While speaking English do not worry when you do not get the right word or words, on such moments you can effectively use words such as “well” or “you know”. These words are known as fillers and these fillers will not only help you to take a pause but at the same time will provide you some time to recollect the right word. If you still find difficult to continue in English you can switch over to Hindi or your local language as the case may be. There is nothing wrong in mixing your language with English whenever you find it tough to get the right word.

Regular practice on vocabulary: As we have suggested you earlier that it is very important to have a good understanding of the English language if you really wish to have very good command over it. Therefore it is very important for all of you to practice regular on you vocabulary. Read good grammar books regularly to understand basic grammar rules which will help you a lot.

Regular discussion with friends: You also need to have discussions with your family and friends on a regular basis; this will help you to become a natural speaker. If you can find someone who is also interested in improving his or her spoken English then it will be really nice as you will be able to practice more.

Do not be shy while speaking: You should not feel shy while speaking English. If you are from a village or a small town you may find a few people making a mockery of you but you should understand that a good command over Spoken English can lead you towards the road to success.

Lastly I would like to tell you that with a little bit of will power and determination you can become a very good English Speaker and those who are already have good command, can improve further. There is no need to waste your money on various coaching institutions on English Speaking as they will teach nothing new. If you have enough will power and desire to become a good speaker you can do it on your own by adopting the methods suggested above. A period of 3–4 months and 2–3 hours daily will be good enough if you can work regularly on the methods suggested above.

If you have any query or you need any help from us, feel free to drop your comment.