SSC General Knowledge Previous Years Questions : Quiz 106

SSC General Knowledge Previous Years questions: These questions are very important for upcoming SSC Exams and have been taken from previous years papers of various SSC exams.

Question Number 1: Who is the author of the book ‘Apprenticeship of a Mahatma’
A) Arundhati Roy
B) Shyam Benegal
C) Shobha De
D) Fatima Meer
Answer & Explanation: Fatima Meer

Question Number 2: The ‘break-even point’ is where
A) Marginal revenue equals marginal cost
B) Average revenue equals average cost
C) Total revenue equals total cost
D) None of the above
Answer & Explanation: Total revenue equals total cost

Question Number 3: South-south dialogue is associated with
A) Co-operation among developing nations
B) Arms conference
C) Summit meeting between the developed and the developing countries
D) All of the above
Answer & Explanation: Co-operation among developing nations

Question Number 4: Among the following, which one is not a football club?
A) Arsenal
B) Aston Villa
C) Chelsea
D) Monte Carlo
Answer & Explanation: Monte Carlo

Question Number 5: Rate of interest is determined by
A) The rate of return on the capital invested
B) Central Government
C) Liquidity preference
D) Commercial Banks
Answer & Explanation: Liquidity preference

Question Number 6: Which of the following has not been a component of the agricultural strategy that brought about the Green Revolution?
A) Greater intensity of cropping
B) Guaranteed maximum prices
C) New agricultural technology
D) Package of inputs
Answer & Explanation: Guaranteed maximum prices

Question Number 7: Which of the following makes the skin layer impervious to water?
A) Collagen
B) Melanin
C) Keratin
D) Chitin
Answer & Explanation: Chitin

Question Number 8: Generally, the soil of the northern plains of India id formed by
A) Degradation
B) Aggradation
C) Weathering in situ
D) Erosion
Answer & Explanation: Aggradation

Question Number 9: Two richest source of edible protein are
A) Meat and eggs
B) Milk and vegetable
C) Soyabean and groundnut
D) Some type of algae and other micro-organism
Answer & Explanation: Soyabean and groundnut

Question Number 10: Which of the following weeds has been found useful to check water pollution caused by industrial effluents?
A) Parthenium
B) Elephant grass
C) Water hyacinth
D) Both (A) and (B) above
Answer & Explanation: Elephant grass

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