SSC General Awareness Questions : Quiz 109

SSC General Awareness questions: Important SSC General Awareness Questions from previous papers of SSC Exams.

Question Number 1: Who assumed the title Muhammad bin-Tuglaq and became the ruler of Delhi in 1325 A.D?
A) Juna Khan
B) Nasiruddin Shah
C) Chengiz Khan
D) Illtutmish
Answer & Explanation: Juna Khan

Question Number 2: The Sikh Guru put to death by Aurangzeb was
A) Arjan Singh
B) Hargobind
C) Tegh Bahadur
D) Harkishan
Answer & Explanation: Tegh Bahadur

Question Number 3: The Home Rule Movement in India was started by
A) S.N. Banerjee and W.C. Banerjee
B) Annie Besant and Tilak
C) Mahatma Gandhi and Motilal Nehru
D) Annie Besant and Gokhale
Answer & Explanation: Annie Besant and Tilak

Question Number 4: Who among the following was responsible for the revival of Hinduism in 19th Century?
A) Swami Dayanand
B) Swami Vevekananda
C) Guru Shankaracharya
D) Raja Rammohan Rai
Answer & Explanation: Swami Dayanand

Question Number 5: “Give me blood, I will give you freedom.” These words are attributed to
A) Khudiram Bose
B) Bhagat Singh
C) Subhash Chandra Bose
D) Veer Savarkar
Answer & Explanation: Subhash Chandra Bose

Question Number 6: India’s northern most latitude is
A) 36° 6’ N
B) 37° 8’ N
C) 37° 6’ N
D) 8° 4’ N
Answer & Explanation: 37° 6’ N

Question Number 7: The Bhabar plains have been developed by
A) glacial deposit
B) wind deposit
C) river deposit
D) deposition I the lakes
Answer & Explanation: river deposit

Question Number 8: Subsistence type of farming is practiced in
A) Delta
B) Plateau
C) Hill
D) Coast
Answer & Explanation: Plateau

Question Number 9: Africa is separated from Europe by ______.
A) Red Sea
B) Mediterranean Sea
C) Atlantic Ocean
D) Persian Gulf
Answer & Explanation: Mediterranean Sea

Question Number 10: Which of the following rivers is recharged by subsoil water?
A) Godavari
B) Damodar
C) Narmada
D) Krishna
Answer & Explanation: Narmada

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