SSC FCI Assistant General Knowledge Questions : Quiz 104

SSC FCI Assistant General Knowledge Questions: Collection of important questions of General Knowledge taken from previous years papers of SSC Exams.

Question Number 1: CD-ROM is a
A) Magnetic Memory
B) Secondary Memory
C) Semiconductor Memory
D) Memory Register
Answer & Explanation: Secondary Memory

Question Number 2: pH value of blood is
A) In between 8 and 10
B) Greater than 10
C) Less than 6
D) In between 7 and 8
Answer & Explanation: In between 7 and 8

Question Number 3: Great Barrier Reef is situated in
A) Australia
B) Nova Scotia
C) North Sea
D) Southern China
Answer & Explanation: Australia

Question Number 4: In India, the longest day occurs on
A) April 13
B) October 13
C) June 21
D) March 21
Answer & Explanation: June 21

Question Number 5: Which one of the following is not found in new alluvial soil?
A) Humus
B) Gas
C) Minerals
D) Water
Answer & Explanation: Humus

Question Number 6: Palghat Gap connects Tamil Nadu with
A) Kerala
B) Karnataka
C) Andhra Pradesh
D) Both (A) and (B)
Answer & Explanation: Kerala

Question Number 7: Jodhpur receives less rainfall than Delhi because
A) Arabian Sea runs parallel to Aravali
B) It is on leeward side of the winds
C) Condensation does not place there
D) All of above factors
Answer & Explanation: All of above factors

Question Number 8: Bamboo is a
A) Tree
B) Climber
C) Shrub
D) Herb
Answer & Explanation: Shrub

Question Number 9: Which vitamins are those which if taken in excess can be dangerous as they are stored in the body?
A) B Complex
B) E and C
C) B and C
D) A and D
Answer & Explanation: A and D

Question Number 10: Which one of the following constitutes two best reasons for distinguishing the living from the non-living?
A) Respiration and excretion
B) Reproduction and locomotion
C) Irritability and locomotion
D) Growth and locomotion
Answer & Explanation: Respiration and excretion

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