Latest Indian Economy Questions – Quiz 172

Latest Indian Economy Questions: These are very useful and important questions for upcoming SBI PO, IBPS CWE and SSC Exams.
Latest Indian Economy Questions
Question Number 1: What was the Bank Rate as on April 1, 2014?
A) 6.5%
B) 9.0%
C) 8.0%
D) 7.5%
Answer & Explanation: Bank Rate as on April 1, 2014 was 9%.
Question Number 2: What was the Cash Reserve Ratio as on April 1, 2014?
A) 3.0%
B) 4.0%
C) 6.0%
D) 5.0%
Answer & Explanation: Cash Reserve Ratio as on April 1, 2014 was 4.0%.
Question Number 3: What was the Base Rate as on April 1, 2014?
A) 8.3%-10.30%
B) 7.0%-9.0%
C) 9.80%-10.25%
D) 10.20%-12.0%
Answer & Explanation: Base Rate as on April 1, 2014 was 9.80%-10.25%.
Question Number 4: The Reserve Bank of India on March 27, 2014 said that it had extended the deadline for Indian banks to meet capital requirements under the so-called Basel III norms by the year to____.
A) March 31, 2017
B) March 31, 2019
C) March 31, 2016
D) March 31, 2020
Answer & Explanation: March 31, 2019
Question Number 5: The Reserve Bank of India has extended the ‘ECB’ window for Indian airlines to raise money from abroad to March 2015, against the earlier deadline of December 2013. What is the full form of ECBs?
A) Estimate Commercial Borrowings
B) Elaborate Commercial Borrowings
C) External Commercial Borrowings
D) Expansive Commercial Borrowings
Answer & Explanation: Full form of ECBs is External Commercial Borrowings.

Question Number 6: In the end of December 2013, India’s external debt stood at?
A) $ 456 billion
B) $426 billion
C) $ 300 billion
D) $ 280 billion
Answer & Explanation: India’s external debt stood at $426 billion.
Question Number 7: Reserve Bank of India on March 14, 2014 entered into an agreement with Financial Services Agency (FSA) for cooperation in the area of banking supervision. FSA is an organization responsible for overseeing banking, securities and exchange, and insurance in order to ensure the stability of the financial system. FSA is an Organization of which country?
A) Vietnam
B) America
C) Japan
D) Russia
Answer & Explanation: FSA is an Organization of Japan.

Question Number 8: What is/are the name of applicant/applicants, RBI granted ‘in-principal’ approval to open a bank recently?
B) Bandhan Financial
C) Larsen $ Toubro
D) Only A and B
Answer & Explanation: Only A and B
Question Number 9: What was the name of the committee that recommended that the two applicants are suitable for grant of ‘in-principal’ approval of Bank Licences?
A) Rajan Committee
B) Hanthi Committe
C) High Level Advisory Committee
D) Jalan Committee
Answer & Explanation: High Level Advisory Committee

Question Number 10: What is the name of Managing Director & CEO of Infrastructure and Development Finance Company (IDFC)?
A) S.K. Jain
B) Vikram Limaye
C) S.R. Bansal
D) Arun Tiwari
Answer & Explanation: Vikram Limaye is the Managing Director & CEO of IDFC.

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