Civil Service Exam Preparation Tips

Civil Service Exam Preparation Tips: In the earlier post we have told you about the pattern of Civil Services Exam, now we are telling you about some preparation tips for the Civil Services Exams. After taking interviews of various successful candidates we are telling you about qualities which are required for preparation of Civil Services Exam.

In this post we are not talking about studies or strategies for preparation. Here we are only talking about the basic traits which are required for such an immensely stiff competition.

Hard Work: Remember that there is no substitute to hard work. No one will come and help you. You have to finish the entire course by yourself. Civil Service competition is like a marathon race. The aspirants of civil services are well educated and more than 50 per cent of the candidates are serious ones. One, who has the confidence that he can compete in this examination and succeed, should appear.

Dedication: Dedication towards your duty always pays in life. Be totally dedicated and focused in your studies. You have to sacrifice something like movies, parties, and entertainments etc at this stage of your life to achieve bigger things. Just work day in and day out and go on and on.

Patience: As the CSE preparation spans a minimum of one year, right from the Preliminary stage to the interview state, it requires a lot of patience to maintain your composure. At times you may feel tired and sick of further studying during the course of your preparation. Maintain your cool and patience and so on to break the monotony of studies. Talk to friends and parents. They will provide with you with the much-needed emotional support.

Self Confidence: Your self-confidence can make the difference. If you don’t believe in yourself and your capacity to achieve then, no matter how hard you try. You will end up failing. So your self-confidence should be at an all time high – always. You should be in the company of people, who can increase your motivational levels high and can inspire you. Form a group of close friends, who are as determined as you are to make it to the Civil Services Examination. Keep good friends, they are always a source of inspiration and motivation.

Some quick tips are:

  • Planned studies, hard work and inner motivation are the keys to success.
  • Strong willpower and faith in God are keys to success.
  • Dedication, time management and hard work are secrets of success.
  • Self-confidence, planning and systematic study are stepping-stones to success.
  • Motivation and confidence are the keys to success.
  • Determination, positive attitude – key to success.

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