Clean India Campaign, Lets make it a big Success – Give your Suggestions to Shri Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has launched his dream drive of ‘Clean India‘ where each one of us has taken an oath of cleaning our work place, residence, surrounding etc. While I wholeheartedly support this drive but I have a few suggestions as well for the government which I think should be immediately implemented or may be implemented in next few days in a phased manner. I am sure that if these suggestions will be implemented we will achieve ‘Clean India‘ dream very shortly. 

1. While it is important that as a citizen we should contribute as much as we can towards the cleanliness of our country but at the same time it should also be ensured that those who are designated for the cleanliness of our country are doing their duties properly. We are already having huge infrastructure of various offices (Nagar Nigam for example) and employees who are designated the work of cleaning our country, but the sad part is that duties are not being done properly. We should strictly ensure that all those who are given salaries for cleaning their designated place or territory and those not doing their duties should be punished and make accountable.

2. We are awesomely short of public urinals, toilets and dustbins in our cities. We should ensure that at least we should have dustbins and public toilets at every 100 meters and we should properly maintain and clean the existing ones.

3. People urinating and littering here and there is a major problem, which can be immediately stopped by levying fines and monetary punishments. To begin with we should immediately banned eating of tobacco, Pan, Gutka etc in all government and private offices and should strictly ensure compliance by making surprise checks. 

These are my suggestions if you have more please share and post. At the same time we all must ensure that we will do everything to keep our country clean.

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    Dear Sir,
    Really you are such a great person and I know very well you can change our India as soon as possible. clean India is a right mission to make India clean and healthy.Yes sir I have one request to you that after please banned all these tobacco thing.

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